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PRIMO Magazine Wants to Hear from Annette's Fans
     Earlier this month PRIMO magazine released their latest issue featuring a fantastic cover story on Annette.  The publication is now making a call to all Annette fans through their website, inviting you to take part in a follow-up tribute to our favorite Girl Next Door.  They are requesting your Annette anecdotes, recollections, photos and memories to be compiled into a special tribute on  their website.  What a great opportunity to share your own personal Annette story and why YOU are an Annette Funicello fan.  Further details can be found  HERE.
Annette on the Cover of PRIMO Magazine
     Annette is featured on the cover of the current issue of PRIMO magazine.  Inside is a six page article titled Annette Funicello: Forever America's Sweetheart.  You can purchase your copy for $7.95 on the PRIMO magazine website or check your local newsstand for availability.


Christmas Cards from The Stars Auction Ends

     Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Christmas Cards from The Stars auction.  The event raised $230.50 for the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases!  Sincere thanks to Betty White, Dolly Parton, Tim Allen, Debbie Reynolds and Eileen Devery for their donation of materials for our auction.
     Also, thank you to everyone who has supported Annette's fund through their Amazon.com purchases!  We appreciate you thinking of us when placing your order.

Christmas Cards from The Stars Auction Begins Today

     Today begins our Christmas Cards from the Stars auction to benefit The Annette Funicello Research fund for Neurological Diseases. This year's celebrity participants are Dolly Parton, Debbie Reynolds, Tim Allen, and Betty White. Bidding ends December 4, 2011.  Click HERE to view the auction listings and to place your bid to receive a one-of-a-kind keepsake this holiday season! Good luck and thank you for your support.


Christmas Cards from The Stars Auction
Begins November 27, 2011
     Preparations for the upcoming holiday season are already in full swing.  Decorations are going up, shopping and wish lists are being made out, and colorful seasonal greetings are being exchanged and delivered around the country and over the world by way of your friendly postman. It is especially exciting to retrieve the mail this time of year, isn't it? 
     AnnetteConnection.com is excited to offer the opportunity for you or a loved one to receive a very special delivery at your door this holiday season.  On November 27, 2011 we will kick off our Christmas Cards from The Stars online auction.  During this fundraising event, you will have the opportunity to bid on and win a holiday greeting from some very well known and loved celebrities.  Imagine receiving holiday wishes from a favorite celebrity or gifting the card as a special surprise!
     Celebrity participants and further details will be announced in the coming weeks.  Any costs involved in this auction event have been generously covered, allowing every penny of each winning bid to go directly to The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.   We hope you will mark your calendars and help us make our first fundraising event a huge success! 


Shop Amazon.com, Support Annette's Fund

     Amazon.com is one of the Internets largest online retailers.  Starting today, when you access and shop Amazon.com through our website, you can contribute to The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases each time you place an order.  How does it work?  Simply visit us at AnnetteConnection.com and click on the Amazon.com icon located on our home page.  You will then be re-directed to Amazon.com.  Browse, shop, and check out as you normally would.  By following these simple steps, a percentage of your order will benefit Annette's Research Fund.  It's that easy!
   Please remember, you must access Amazon.com through AnnetteConnection.com to support Annette's fund with your purchase.
     With the holidays fast approaching, we hope that you will remember us when shopping Amazon.com and take advantage of this new way of supporting Annette in the fight against MS.


Website Re-Launch in honor of Annette's Birthday

Click HERE to read the press release.


'Babes in Toyland' Tickets Available Today

     Are you a D23 member?  If so, you will have the awesome opportunity to see Babes in Toyland on the big screen, at the Walt Disney Studios, for free!  This special screening on Saturday, November 19,2011 at the Studio Theatre is being held in celebration of the films 50th Anniversary.  Babes in Toyland was Walt Disney's first live action musical and showcased Annette in her first starring role in a feature film. For further details and ticket information please click  HERE.


UK News: Further CCSVI Research Approved
Click HERE to read the article.
Update from Annette and Glen

     After months of living out of boxes and suitcases, Annette and Glen are very happy to be settling in to their new home near Bakersfield, California.  Since the fire in March, they have been living between their ranch in Bakersfield and an apartment in Los Angeles while decisions regarding their Encino property were made and carried out.  Clean-up and clearing concluded in late July with the demolition of the house, and the lot was sold to new owners on August 9th.
     With their obligations in LA fulfilled, Annette and Glen now live in Bakersfield full time.  While sad at the loss of their home, they are looking forward to this new chapter and are already busy making their new house a home.
     Annette's new Fan Mail Address:
Annette Funicello
c/o Postmaster
Shafter, CA 93263
Annette Costume on Display this Weekend

     Today kicks off the main events of the D23 Fan Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in California.  Among the many offerings at this years three day event (August 19-21) is the Treasures from the Archives exhibit.  It is being reported that Annette's Talent Round-Up costume from the Mickey Mouse Club is among the many props, costumes, and other fascinating Disney related artifacts on display this year.  Direct from The Disney Archives, these items are not usually on display to the general public.  If possible, you may want to take advantage of this rare opportunity to see one of Annette's most recognizable costumes up close.
New Address for Annette's Research Fund
     The mailing address for The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases has changed.  Please send all future donations to the address below.
221 S. Figueroa St.
Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Education Day to Kick Off CCSVI Event

     A special Education Day for CCSVI patients and caregivers will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel in New York City this Friday, July 15, 2011 at 9:30 AM.  Education Day is free to attend and will provide a great opportunity to learn about CCSVI from doctors directly involved in it's research and treatment.
     Annette will be supporting Education day by providing food and refreshments for those in attendance under the auspices of The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.  Although not attending personally, representatives for Annette and her research fund will be present at the three-day CCSVI event.

     For more information, please read the full press release HERE.
Canada to Fund CCSVI Clinical Trials
     A major breakthrough was delivered to MS patients in Canada on Wednesday as the government agreed to fund a multi million dollar clinical study on CCSVI treatment for MS patients. Canadian MS patients have been rallying the government to fund the procedure, which is not currently available in Canada.
     Please click HERE for the full article and video coverage of this exciting news!
     We have a new article for you today.
     We are happy to annouce the launch of the CCSVI Testimonial Page on our website!  Be encouraged by the personal stories of MS patients who have undergone and are benefiting from CCSVI treatment.  To view, go to the Research Fund home page and click the Research Fund tab in the navigation bar below.  You will find the link at the bottom of that page.  Special thanks go out to Nicole Gurland, Ginger MacQueen, and Carol Schumacher for sharing their stories! 
     Property for Sale

     Annette and Glen have made the decision to abandon their Encino property following the fire that destroyed their home in March.  The 14,000 square foot lot with swimming pool is currently on the market and will be sold to the highest offer.  The lot is assessed at $500 to $600 thousand.  An estimated forty to fifty people viewed the lot it's first day on the market.  It's desirable location and ties to Annette, who has lived there for over forty years, is generating serious interest from buyers.  The house, which was severely damaged by the fire has been cleared of anything of value and is set for demolition at any time.
     Once their obligations are wrapped up, Annette and Glen will relocate to Bakersfield, California where they will live full time on or near their ranch.  Specific living arrangements have yet to be decided.
Research Fund Page Update
     We have updated the Research Fund  page of our website!.  There are four pages with new information: About the Annette Funicello Research Fund, About the California Community Foundation (CCF), About Multiple Sclerosis, and How You Can Help.  These pages will help you better understand how our organization is run, what it supports, and how you can join Annette in her fight against MS.
    Happy Anniversary!
      Annette and Glen celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on May 3rd!
     One Month Later

     Both Annette and Glen continue to do well following the fire that destroyed their Los Angeles home a month ago today.  Thankfully, Annette has suffered no lasting affects from the incident and Glen has recovered quickly and no-longer requires breathing treatments.
     Since being released from the hospital they have spent most of their time at their ranch.  It has been a welcome retreat for both of them, being out in the fresh air instead of inside the LA hotel room where they had been staying.  Glen has been busy doing all that is required of him by their insurance company while crews continue to sift through the rubble and continue to pile and discard debris from inside the house.
     On Friday, Annette and Glen Finally moved into an apartment not far from where they had lived.  This will offer them a more home-like atmosphere as they continue to take care of business that requires them to be in the Los Angeles area.  While they try to bring about a sense of normalcy to their lives, they are about to start looking seriously towards the future.  No decision has been made as to whether they will rebuild, but all options are being considered and a clearer plan for the future will be decided on shortly. 
Annette and Glen Released from Hospital
     Annette Funicello and her husband Glen Holt were released from Encino Tarzana Hospital around one o'clock Friday afternoon, after being admitted for smoke inhalation following the fire that destroyed their Encino home early Thursday morning.  Both are doing fine and thankful to be safe.
     It has been determined that the fire was caused by faulty wiring above the bar in the pool room, where the fire started and quickly spread through seven additional rooms of the home.  Everything was left gutted with the exception of three bedrooms which suffered sever smoke and water damage.  The house is a total loss.
     The morning of the fire, Glen was awakened by a nurse who smelled smoke.  "We first went to the kitchen to see if any appliances had been left on", says Holt.  "When we got to the pool room and opened the door, the black smoke just rolled out".  Glen immediately went to the room where Annette was sleeping to prepare to evacuate the home.  He attempted to call 911 three times but the cordless phones were already dead.  The fire continued to spread rapidly through the attic.  By the time Glen got Annette into her wheelchair, they were unable to exit through the front door of the house.  They found their escape through a sliding glass door located at the back of the home where they were assisted by rescue workers.  They remained with a neighbor until taken to the hospital for evaluation.
     At the hospital they were given breathing treatments and steroids to ward off inflammation and pneumonia.  Annette's nurse was released from the hospital first while Annette and Glen stayed overnight and were released the following day.  They are currently staying in a temporary location in the area.
     Annette and Glen would like to express their appreciation to the firemen (who they want to mention were able to remove their car and van out of the garage safely), their neighbors who have been "incredible", and the public for their concern and kind wishes.  They have asked that anyone wishing to help do so by making a contribution to The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.  Public support in this way is greatly appreciated.
     As you may have heard. Annette's house was badly damaged by a fire yesterday morning.  Both Annette and her husband Glen were admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation.  They will both be fine.
     MSN.com put together a small piece titled Where are They Now? Disney Stars.  Annette is among those listed and is the only Disney star from her generation represented.
     Annette, First Name Initial is a 2 CD set including all of Annette's recordings from 1957 - 1960.  Released by Jasmine, this special remastered collection can be ordered through various online retailers.
     Carol Schumacher brings us up to date on the latest CCSVI news to come out of ISET's gathering that was held in Miami last month.
     Click HERE to read.
     Last year Annette became the first celebrity to back CCSVI research after presenting a $10,000 grant to  Dr. Michael Dake through her research fund.  To learn more about CCSVI research and how CCSVI treatment is already "liberating" many MS patients from their symptoms, read Carol's other articles: CCSVI Treatment and Me and So, What is CCSVI
     It is thanks to the generosity of people like you that Annette's fund continues to support research projects like this.  To learn more about The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases and how you can help, please visit our Research Fund page for more information. 
     Did everyone get their 55th Anniversary Annette Doll?  If you did, you may have noticed some differences in the doll in the promotional photograph from the one that was shipped to your home.  The actual doll you will receive has smaller mouse ears that fit the proportions of the doll much better.  Second, a tighter wig is used on the actual doll. The only other change I noticed was that they decided to give her black shoe laces instead of white. 
     The artists did a great job translating the way Annette looked when she was a mouseketeer into this doll.  If you are interested in purchasing her, you can call (800)362-4533 to check availability.
     Annette's song; Custom City, from the Muscle Beach Party album has been added to the Discography page of the website. Take a listen and enjoy!! 



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