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Thirty years after being penned and recorded; Annette Funicello: A Tribute to Walt Disney is finally being made available to the public for the very first time through a special CD release - to benefit the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases

Written in 1983 with then future husband Glen Holt, Annette speaks from the heart in this moving and personal homage to Walt Disney; a man she not only considered to be like a second father to her, but a hero as well.

The spoken word track was recorded while working on The Annette Funicello Country Album, and although briefly considered for inclusion on that record, Annette ultimately chose instead to seek a more appropriate vehicle for the release.   Over the years she and Glen explored numerous distribution opportunities, however, when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1987, the Tribute was put on the back burner...and remained there for thirty years.  Having taken care of Annette through her decades-long battle with the disabling disease from which she suffered, the Tribute was nearly forgotten until Glen only recently re-discovered the original audio tape recording.  He realized he had to have it released, for Annette, and ultimately to benefit her research Fund.

The original audio tape has been digitally remastered and is presented with a second track: "The Promised Land" (a song which tells the story of Annette's own life), in a brand new CD, Annette Funicello: A Tribute to Walt Disney.  Publicly available for the first time, the CD can now be ordered here at AnnetteConnection.com for a minimum donation of $10. The two track CD is packaged in a six panel digi-pack case featuring original color artwork and the back-story on how both tracks came to be written, as told by Glen Holt.

In addition to the physical CD, a downloadable version is also available for $9.99.



*Applies to CD's shipped within the United States only.  International orders are accepted for a minimum donation of $25 USD.



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