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Annette and Glen Released from Hospital


     Annette Funicello and her husband Glen Holt were released from Encino Tarzana Hospital around 1PM Friday, after being admitted for smoke inhalation following the fire that destroyed their Encino home early Thursday morning.  Both are doing fine and thankful to be safe. 


     It has been determined that the fire was caused by faulty wiring above the bar in the pool room, where the fire started and quickly spread through 7 additional rooms of the home.  Everything was left gutted with the exception of three bedrooms which suffered severe smoke and water damage.  The house is a total loss.


   Glen was awakened by a nurse who smelled smoke.  “We first went to the kitchen to see if any appliances had been left on” says Holt.  “When we got to the pool room and opened the door the black smoke just rolled out.”  Glen immediately went to the room where Annette was sleeping to prepare to evacuate the home.  He attempted to call 911 three times but the cordless phones were already dead.  The fire continued to spread rapidly through the attic and by the time he had Annette in her wheelchair, they were unable to exit through the front door of the house.  They found their escape through a sliding glass door located at the back of the home where they were assisted by rescue workers. They remained with a neighbor until taken to the hospital for evaluation.


     At the hospital they were given breathing treatments and steroids to ward off inflammation and pneumonia.  Annette’s nurse was released from the hospital first, while Annette and Glen stayed overnight and were released the following day.  They are currently staying in a temporary, undisclosed location in the area.


     Annette and Glen would like to express their appreciation to the firemen (who they want to note were able to remove their car and van from the garage in time), their neighbors who have been “incredible”, and the public for their concern and kind wishes.  They have asked that anyone wishing to help do so by making a contribution to The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases.  Public support in this way will be much appreciated.


     Please check back for future updates.