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Property for Sale

     Annette and Glen have made the decision to abandon their Encino property following the fire that destroyed their home in March.  The 14,000 square foot lot with swimming pool is currently on the market and will be sold to the highest offer.  The lot is assessed at $500 to $600 thousand.  An estimated forty to fifty people viewed the lot it's first day on the market.  It's desirable location and ties to Annette, who has lived there for over forty years, is generating serious interest from buyers.  The house, which was left severely damaged by the fire, has been cleared of anything of value and is set for demolition at any time.
    Once their obligations in Los Angeles are wrapped up, Annette and Glen will relocate to Bakersfield, CA where they will live full time on or near their ranch.  Specific living arrangements have yet to be decided.